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Beezy is a Task and Time Management System for the Palm OS and StyleTap platforms. It is a personal productivity system that will motivate you to become a high achiever. Beezy emerge from harmonizing two popular productivity systems, Getting Things Done (GTD) and Do IT Tomorrow (DIT).

The simplicity of Beezy’s interface, the ease of use, and the richness of its features, makes it a clear choice for anyone looking for a personal productivity system for the Palm OS.

Our life has become hectic with many demands for our time, energy and attention. Most of us are trapped in a vicious circle of being constantly busy but accomplishing little in the way of promoting and furthering our goals. Increasingly there is a plethora of obligations we undertake, accompanied by the many distractions around us that lead even the most organized thinker to lose focus and become disorganized and overwhelmed.

Even the most accomplished of planners and the most dedicated workers find themselves in a situation where they expend a disproportionate amount of time for the completion of limited tasks. This leaves one stressed out, tired, disheartened and unmotivated.

Beezy emerged as a new tool (productivity system) that will help you keep on task, remain focused on long and short term goals and maintain an even flow of energy.

This productivity system combines the best of both worlds. It is a simple, easy to use platform that enables its user to monitor progress, maintain focus and increase efficiency in accomplishing tasks. Its simplicity of use and its straightforward and clear-cut design will dissuade any doubts for the effectiveness of the product.


Beezy uses as a desktop sync app the popular HanDBase with custom design forms. Synchronization can be achieved from:

  • Windows desktop to Palm Devices and vice versa.
  • Mac desktop to Palm Devices and vice versa.

Beezy is uniquely designed for the busy, the overloaded, and the procrastinators among us. If you find yourself in any or all of the above categories then Beezy is the product for you.









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