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Beezy can help you to:

  • Discipline yourself to complete your tasks
  • Frame and structure your day
  • Establish and follow a schedule
  • Set realistic deadlines or specific time limits
  • Be on time for appointments and other commitments


Plan the Day

Starting your workday and waiting for things to happen, and then reacting to them is not a productive way of doing things. Planning is the key. To properly plan for success, don’t plan your life, plan your day.

That is why it is important to dedicate a certain time of the day to plan your steps and actions. Nobody can determine the unexpected, but it is best to have a plan. There is a saying, if you don't have a plan, then you are planning to fail. If you want to be happy and healthy some terms are non-negotiable. Remember to include into your daily plan time for exercise and recreation.


Review the Day

Similarly to the “Plan the Day” the “Review the Day” Schedule Job will give you a clear outlook of coming tasks and incomplete tasks. During this process you will be able to organize any incomplete tasks, allocate another time slot, perhaps in the following days, so you can pick them up again and finally complete them.


Beezy executes a daily “Plan the Day” Job and “Review the Day” at your requested time.


If you don’t respond in time the schedule job will automatically snooze.

At the end of each Plan/Review session you will be aware what steps and actions you need to take to complete your Tasks and Projects, you will have identified and catch up with unfinished tasks, you will have framed and structured your working day, and be ready and on time for appointments and other commitments to follow.


Focus View

The “Focus View” will help you to establish and follow a work schedule and it will aid you to discipline yourself to complete your tasks.

Being able to focus on selected tasks you have a clear vision of what you are actually trying to achieve.

Beezy gives you the option to Focus on Today’s and Tomorrow’s Tasks or Focus on Active Tasks and Today’s Tasks. You can set the default focus view from the settings tab.

The "Today & Tomorrow Tasks" focus view will list the tasks for today and tomorrow.

The "Active & Today's Tasks" focus view will display the active tasks (usually defined as next steps of a project) and the today’s tasks.


Your goal each day is to complete all the tasks in the Today’s List, and work as much a possible on tasks under the Active Tasks List. Usually Active Tasks are the next actions of a Project, or Tasks that are repeated daily. You specify a task as an Active one once you know that it will not get completed in one sit but it will take many hours.

Each time you complete a task it is removed from the list. While your list is getting shorter, you actually push yourself to complete all the remaining tasks of your currents focus list.

Following Beezy’s methodology you will have a system that will enable you to become a High Achiever person.




Before you start using Beezy spend some time on reading the following explanation of Beezy’s menus.



Show Next Reminder will let you know when the next reminder will be triggered.


Create Reminders

  • Reminders will be created for coming tasks, including the plan and review schedules.
  • Keep in mind Beezy will warn you 5 minutes before every reminder so you get prepared for the upcoming task.
  • Beezy will create reminders only for the coming tasks listed in the “Focus View”. As soon as you finish working with the various plan or review queries, you have to call "Create Reminders" so you can remain focus on Today’s Tasks.
  • Beezy by default will automatically call the "Create Reminders" once you enter the “Focus View” and after one hour since your last visit. This way Beezy will let you work on what you want, but it will force an update of today’s view so you can remain focus on Today’s Tasks.


Dismiss all Reminders

  • By dismissing all reminders you are telling Beezy that you need to rest. The Plan/Review Schedule reminders will also be dismissed.
  • If you want the Plan/Review Scheduler to run, you have to either select the "Restore Default Schedule Times" or use the "Adjust Schedule Times” for manually adjusting times.
  • You can always verify when the next reminder will trigger using the "Show Next Reminder” menu.


Create a New Task Use this menu to add new tasks.

You have the option to make a task an active one, but this option will appear after you assign an existing Project to the task.


Bring Forward Location's Tasks

  • Beezy through this menu offers a dynamic and interactive way of focusing on Tasks under one Context Tag or location.
  • Tasks under the selected Context Tag will be brought forward to today’s task view in a sequential order using the “Duration” option as a time frame between each task reminder.
  • The importance of this procedure is that it does not modify the time or date of each task unless you edit and save it. Its main purpose is to create a temporary focus view of tasks under a specific context or location.
  • You can always run this procedure every time you change a location or you need to allocate more time for each task.

Similarly the Bring forward Today’s Tasks will bring forward all the non completed tasks of the current day.


The remaining menus are used to run various Plan/Review queries based on date.


You can stop any Plan/Review query by pressing the “home” button.



Focus View

You can set the default focus view from the settings tab.

Active & Today's Tasks

  • The "Active & Today's Tasks" focus view will display the active tasks (usually defined as next steps of a project) and the today’s tasks.
  • Active Tasks with no date configured will always be listed under the “Active Tasks” category.
  • If the reminder of an active task is due for today, this task will be categorized in the today’s tasks.
  • If the reminder of an active task is in the future, this task will not be included in the “Active Tasks” list.


Today & Tomorrow Tasks

The "Today & Tomorrow Tasks" focus view will list the tasks for today and tomorrow.




Set Default Focus View Select one of the two default views.

Today & Tomorrow Tasks

Active & Today's Tasks

An explanation of each view can be found in the Focus View form.


Plan/Review Scheduler

Show Next Schedule Job - Shows the details of plan and review schedules.

Adjust Schedule Times Use this option to change only the next schedule times. Beezy will ask you whether you like to restore the default schedule times at the end of each plan or review schedule.

Restore Default Schedule Times Restores the default schedule times. In case you dismissed all your reminders, and you want to keep your schedule reminders, restore the default schedule times through this option.

Edit Default Schedule Times By default your plan schedule is at 8:30 and your review schedule is at 20:30. Once you chance them use the "Restore Default Schedule Times" to apply the default times.

Refresh Projects Database Use this option to refresh the list of projects after you add a new project from the desktop.


Set Date Format

United Kingdom - Day/Month/Year - Day first -> 29/5/74

United States - Month/Day/Year - Month first -> 5/29/74


Registration Details Use this menu to create the registration information. Find the details in the Memo "Beezy Registration Details"

If you cannot email the registration details from your Palm device, you can perform synchronization with your desktop software and email the memo "Beezy Registration Details" from your email client.



Projects - Goals

Use the menu to create or edit a project.

You can explore the concept of a “folder” to make various groups of tasks.

For example you may want to have as a project “Monthly Activities” and every month rearrange the reminders for the various tasks.

I you like to have backlogs you can create a new project, named it Backlogs, add all your backlogs and set one of them active.



Notes – Inbox

Beezy uses only one inbox for notes and quick information. Beezy’s notes are store as a memo entry and can be accessed by your favorite memo software on your Palm Device.

You can also edit and synchronize this memo on your desktop from Microsoft Outlook or Palm Desktop or any other program you use to synchronize your memos.









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