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How to I cancel a Plan/Review process?

You can stop any Plan/Review query by pressing the “home” button.



How to add a task under a Project from HanDBase?

Open the Project click on the Tasks button and add your Task.



In the event you start Beezy and you get the following messages:

 "Unable to Load Project Record Definition Fields"

 "zTasks database not found. Please install missing database"

 "Unable to Load Record Definition Fields"

Make sure that you have HanDBase 4.1 installed. Beezy does not work with HanDBase 3.5 and earlier.


How to add a new Context Tag?

Beezy loads all the context tags from the memo “Beezy Context Tags

Beezy Context Tags






@Waiting for

@Someday Maybe




How to delete records (Projects/Tasks)?

Beezy cannot delete records because there is not support from HanDBase. But you can delete records directly from HanDBase.

Another way to remove them from your sight is to click on the Completed check box.








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